About Us


Tabschool was launched with the clear-cut vision of creating an efficient and sophisticated digital learning environment for the modern-day learners and teachers alike.The central idea is to enable students to learn with ease and speed using highly sophisticated digital tools and technologies.

The goal is to provide students with a learning environment they are already familiar with and freely, openly and seamlessly share information, without the constraints of physical location, age or any such limiting factors.

Our Vision

In the rapidly evolving edtech sphere, Tabschool is a pioneer in providing high-tech digital tools to impart technology-based education to learners.The main benefactors are the modern-age companies, educational institutions, and individuals with a futuristic mindset.

We offer a fascinating world of efficient learning environment to empower learners from all walks of life to gain knowledge on any subject of their interest in the most enjoyable and intuitive way possible.

There are many companies in the edtech market that are playing their part in the digital revolution in the field of education. However, most of them are mainly focused on offering administrative solutions to companies and educational organizations. We stand out in the sense that our focus is purely on providing an efficient learning system to improve their learning ability and thereby their overall educational performances.

In a nutshell, Tabschool is a sincere attempt in the ever-evolving field of edtech, to carry the torch forward and illuminate the minds of all the knowledge hungry learners with the help of advanced digital technology.