Case Study – Coaching Institutes & Colleges

Institutes have a unique pecking order which is different from schools. Schools have Principals, Vice Principals, subject Deans, Head of Department, Class Teachers, subject teachers, and substitutional teachers while institutes usually just have a director and different subject Professors. The class strength of students in institutes is generally smaller in comparison to schools as well.

In coaching institutes, teachers give out their own self-written, recommended and hand-pricked study material for proper coaching and guidance. They give their own notes and assignments because they select and choose questions from past years and highly knowledgeable books. Institute Professors are very thorough with their research and are highly intelligent because they have gone through proper training in order to help young budding graduates in cracking competitive examinations. They are the pillars behind them.

Tabschool is a need for Institute Professors to share their own personal study materials for their students so that they could be accessible on the online cloud drive. Tabschool will help to track the personal performance of students and monitor them so that they can be mentored correctly for the preparation of the most competitive examinations of the world. Students can upload their doubts or queries at any time and the Professor will be there for them in the time of need. This reduces wastage of time and cuts the cost and time for traveling because in the life of these budding students, every second has a value attached to it and the time once lost can’t be gained back.

Even facilities like whiteboard are available for various problems of mathematics and science which can only be taught on the board.
Tabschool is the right pick for educational institutes and schools. It doesn’t come with any downsides and only brings upon quality education for the students to learn and grow. It makes education engaging which excites students proactively towards life-shaping education.

“Tabschool is the forerunner in making classrooms digital and bagless.”

Already 100+ Schools and Institutes believe in Tabschool, it is time for all others to put their trust in the right direction so that they cannot be swayed away from being a member and user of the best Cloud-Based Learning Management System there is.

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