Case Study – School Solutions

There are various educational software for schools available in the market which serve the purpose of providing education online during these tough times but for some reason many government and private schools are not using them. This is resulting in poor education and a lack of course management by the teachers and the students. Social platforms such as Zoom are being used for professional purposes. For that reason, teachers are getting away with improper teaching and the students are slacking behind.

Teachers and students don’t feel the need to switch on their cameras or unmute their mic while in class which results in improper supervision. Students cannot share their files properly during meetings or clear doubts. Only one person can screen share at a time, all such problems tend to pile up in the mind of a student and it gives them reasonable doubt.

For that sole purpose, Tabschool is needed as an LMS for schools. Tabschool ensures proper and safe e-learning. Tabschool automates student training, delivers online courses to the students, and provides them with fresh data when it’s not possible to gather in one place. Parents and teachers can check the overall performance while at the same time hand out reports about study progress as well.
The strength of classes in schools is usually high in number so this increases chances of cheating during tests and assignments. To prevent cheating of any sort or cases of misconduct during exams, Tabschool ensures proper vigilance with its highly secured exam management system.

Tabschool also comes with preloaded content where the students can explore from the large library of courses from ‘Entrepreneurship’ to ‘Geophysics.’ Teachers can also add their own content to the library of Tabschool which will be accessible to the students.

Tabschool’s friendly interactive user interface ensures the deliverance of quality education during times of distress.

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